‘What’s comin’ will come

‘What’s comin’ will come, an’ we’ll meet it when it does.’ – Whatever the result tomorrow, we must continue. Continue talking and fighting and believing in something better. Continue supporting those around us, from all strands of society. Continue creatively and actively protesting, standing in solidarity against those who would seek to remove our basic human rights. Continue working towards the best version of this world as we can make..
Today I voted. I voted with hope, that tomorrow we may see the end of a Government we’ve had for 7 years which has systemically destroyed our welfare system, crippled our education, driven the NHS to breaking point, burdened the younger generation with debt, and threatened our environment. I voted with hope – that my niece may grow into a society that cares more than this one; that those I work with on a daily basis in our homeless hostel get a system that supports them in taking steps forwards, as opposed to putting up barriers to their lives; that tomorrow will be brighter than today. Chances for real change don’t come around often. The world is beyond all of our imaginations. Change is possible. And if we get beat? Stand up, and keep on.
To tomorrow, whatever it may bring.
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