Not everyone feels the way Ian McMillan does

Not everyone feels the way Ian McMillan does, about democracy, about voting. Not everyone realises how important they are in all of this. But we have a huge, vibrant, hope-full chance of removing the Conservatives from power on June 8th. I hear a lot of people in my day-to-day life feeling fed up of all the parties, fed up of personality politics and soundbite statements, who want to abstain from it all. I acknowledge your frustration, but please, do not let that cloud your ability to do something yourself.
This isn’t about participating in a system you don’t believe in, this isn’t about voting for someone you don’t 100% believe in. This is about getting rid of a cruel and callous Tory government that is physically crippling our society. This is a choice of allowing 5 more years of Tory rule that is killing people, or taking a stand.
Our government is choking the most vulnerable in society with the ever-growing cruelty of the welfare system, privatising education at all levels, squashing low-income children into humiliation, bullying our international workers and students, punishing those living with mental health and disabilities, and making life unaffordable. I work in the third sector, I work with people, people who this government are trying their damned hardest to shut out of society. I am tired and I am angry but I am still hopeful. Because we have the chance to change that.
If you know someone, anyone, who hasn’t registered to vote – please sit them down in front of a computer and get them to click They have until 23:59 Monday 22nd (tomorrow!). It actually takes less than 2 minutes. Please, participate. To make a society that is representative of the people within it, we need the voices of those around us.
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