Mong ngóng đưa con tinh thần đầu tay của bạn chồng

Mong ngóng đưa con tinh thần đầu tay của bạn chồng
Cello không chỉ để chơi trong dàn nhạc giao hưởng với bản nhac cổ điển….bạn ấy thích sáng tác và chơi nhạc của chính mình để cello thực sự ĐIÊN, TỰ DO, NGẪU HỨNG tâm tình với cảm xúc và vẻ đẹp.

cant wait to listen to OSO PEREZOSO-
“With the advent of YouTube, there has been a surge of classical musicians playing popular songs in the past decade. A lot of artists do some really cool covers. However, I’ve never felt content just playing covers. I’ve always felt more connected to writing and performing my own music.”- Bryan Charles Wilson
Listen to Oso Perezoso here: Oso Perezoso by Bryan Charles Wilson
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice poster.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Oso Perezoso is deeply personal for Bryan. Half of the songs were written for his family including his loving and hilarious 96 year old grandmother, Roz, his gorgeous new bride, Minh, and his very supportive parents, Syd and Paul. The rest of the tracks feature the cello singing melancholic melodies over hip-hop drumlines and roaring synths.
    You can purchase the album here:
    If you are a cellist and want to buy the sheet music and backing tracks you can do that too! Check out Bryan’s website at:
    Thank you so much for your generous support and love our first new musical album.
    Have a delightful day !

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